Welcome to AusQuest!


You are a group representing different individuals from the 1850s in Melbourne – a girl, an explorer, a free settler, and the son of a convict.

You will go through a series of scenarios as these individuals. Each scenario requires you to do some activities/tasks in your exercise book, and then front up to the Mayor of Melbourne (your teacher) who will quiz you on what you’ve learned from each challenge.

If the task asks a question, write the answer in your exercise book. Make sure you write in full sentences and include the question in your answer. When you finish a task, share your work with the rest of your group. Make sure you all know everything that everyone else in your group has learnt. The Mayor could ask questions about any of the activities on the scenario, so make sure you’ve shared your learning. The Mayor will then award you from 1-5 pounds, based on the work you’ve done in your exercise book and your answers to questions. You’ll be competing against other teams of four in the class.

Some scenarios have a group task at the end of them. For these, your whole group should complete the task together, but only one person has to write down the response in their exercise book.


If you want, print out this workbook to complete the tasks in:

The information sources

There are four information sources that contain all you need to complete the scenarios:

For each scenario, you’ll need to have a look at the contents of the four information sources to see which one will help you. If you’re really stuck, you could also try looking on the internet.

The characters

John Pascoe Fawkner


Fawkner was born in England. He moved to Australia when he was 10, because his father was sent there for stealing. He was a pioneer, businessman and politician. He was one of the first Europeans to settle in Melbourne

John King


King was an Irish soldier who came to Australia to help explore the country. He was on the Burke and Wills expedition where Europeans travelled from Melbourne to the northern coast of Australia. He was the only person who survived the expedition.

Millie Simpson

Millie was an 11 year old girl born in Melbourne. She and her family lived beside an indigenous community of Wurundjeri people, a tribal local to Melbourne. Millie has spent a lot of time with her indigenous neighbours, and is fascinated by their culture. She could sometimes provide a window into indigenous culture for her English family.

Georgiana McCrae


Georgiana was a painter and writer who was a free settler to Australia. She moved to Melbourne in her forties. She was wealthy, and involved in lots of things in early Melbourne.

The Scenarios

  1. Meet our heroes
  2. A day in the life…
  3. Things change…
  4. Many meetings
  5. How will they remember us?
  6. Marvellous Melbourne