How will they remember us?


John Pascoe Fawkner

Fawkner has had an influence on modern Melbourne. Find out about all of the ways Fawkner is commemorated in modern Melbourne. Write a short biography of Fawkner’s life (at least 150 words), that answers at least these questions: Why should we remember Fawkner? What did he do to make Melbourne better?

John King

King slowly dies from the injuries he sustained when he was on the Burke and Wills expedition. He wants to leave his mark, so he plans on making a time capsule. Come up with five objects from colonial Australian times that help to explain what life was like in the 1850s. Draw a simple picture of each of the objects and write a couple of sentences about each one, explaining how it shows what life was like in the past.

Simon Wonga

There have been a lot of changes in the lives of indigenous people brought on by European colonisation. Create a concept map like the one pictured here to compare what has changed. You need to compare at least these things: access to land, population size, typical employment, whether or not you think they’d be happy.


Georgiana McCrae

Georgiana has enjoyed her life as a free settler to Australia. She wants to think about how significant the creation of the new city of Melbourne will seem to people looking back into history, by answering these questions: How important was it that a city was built where Melbourne was at the time? How did it affect Europeans and indigenous people? How many people were affected? How relevant is Melbourne’s history to people living in Melbourne nowadays?