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John Pascoe Fawkner

As a free person doing business in Melbourne, Fawkner often comes across the conflict between convicts and non-convicts (free settlers). Create a diagram that compares convicts and non-convicts. Include at least these things: things that are the same, things that are different, employment, living conditions.

John King

The expedition that King goes on, the Burke and Wills expedition, ends in disaster. Everyone except for King dies of thirst and starvation. King is rescued by some indigenous people and is the only one who makes it back to Melbourne. This shows that there were positive interactions between indigenous people and colonists. Read the section in the wisdom of the elders about ‘friendship and good intentions’. Write a persuasive paragraph (at least 150 words) on the topic of interaction between indigenous people and colonists. The topic is “Interactions between Aborigines and Europeans weren’t all bad”.

Simon Wonga

Simon is a staunch defender of his clan. He has learnt a lot about some of the many conflicts between indigenous people and colonists. Find out about the Myall Creek massacre. What was the massacre? Write a paragraph (150 words minimum) describing it. Why do you think it happened?

Georgiana McCrae

Georgiana’s friend is a gold digger, and was involved in the “Eureka Rebellion”. Georgiana wants to find out more about this situation. Create a timeline for this event, with at least eight events on it. For each event, include at least one dot point explaining what happened on that date.


When learning about history, is it important to ask interesting questions. Complete and fill in this grid in your exercise book. The questions all have to be about colonial Australia. Remember, you’re just asking the questions, not answering them.

PAST What is… Where/When did… Who is… Why is… How is…
PRESENT What did… Where/When did… Who did… Why did… How did…