Meet our heroes

sdfghjklJohn Pascoe Fawkner

Fawkner’s father was a convict. He has always been really paranoid about this. Convicts are seen as different to free settlers in the new colony, and are looked down upon. Fawkner wants to know more about the convict ‘stain’ on his family’s name. Create an A3 poster that has all of this information on it: five common crimes that people were ‘transported’ to Australia for committing, the total number of people transported to Australia, and how many to each state. At the bottom of your poster, answer the question “What type of crimes were people sent to Australia for committing?”

John King

King was born in Ireland, and spent some time in India before finally moving to Melbourne. He is really interested in the spread of the British Empire. Draw a simple world map, and colour in all of the different places that have been colonised by Britain. On your map, include at least three dot points explaining common reasons that people had for moving to Australia from Britain. Also, use geographic language to describe where Britain’s empire spread to. (Geographic language is things like – east, west, 100km away from, on the coast, near the ocean…)

Simon Wonga

Simon is part of a proud cultural heritage. Some indigenous people believe that the ‘rainbow serpent’ played an important role in the creation of the Australian landscape. Draw a picture of a rainbow serpent in typical ‘dot painting’ style. Label your picture with (at least five) facts about traditional aboriginal religion and the rainbow serpent. At the bottom answer this question “How was spirituality important to indigenous Australians?”

Georgiana McCrae

Georgiana chose to come to the Australian colonies. Unlike convicts, she came freely. She is interested in the many different reasons that people would have had for coming to Australia. Draw up a grid in your exercise book to show some of the differences there would have been between living back in England compared to living in colonial Australia. The first one has been done to give you an example. Add four more of your own.

Reason for emigrating How it would be in England/Ireland How they thought it would be in Australia
Access to food Starvation due to potato famine Lots of free land for farming