Things change…


For this scenario your group must create a Padlet to showcase all four tasks, and share your learning with the class. If you choose to complete the group challenge this must be included in the Padlet. You must also comment or provide constructive feedback on each group member’s task within your Padlet.

John Pascoe Fawkner

Fawkner had an important part to play in the development of Melbourne. Have a look at the original plans for Melbourne in the government’s archives. Using geographic language, describe the layout of early Melbourne. How has the city grown? What factors made Melbourne grow the way it did? What do you think this means for the natural environment around Port Phillip? Also, create a simple line graph showing Melbourne’s population increase from 1835 until now.

John King

King, while exploring, is interested in all the different explorers who have explored different parts of Australia. Draw a simple map of Australia in your exercise book and include the routes that four different explorers have used. At the bottom of the map list at least three reasons someone might want to be an explorer in colonial Australia.

Simon Wonga

Simon’s clan, the Wurundjeri, have been living in the Port Phillip Bay area for thousands of years. How did indigenous people change the landscape of Australia? How did they change the animal life in Australia? What further changes to land, plants and animals have there been since European colonisation?

Georgiana McCrae

The Australian colonies were very successful in attracting free settlers. Find out what made Australia such an attractive destination. Write instructions for how to make a great colony that people want to live in. Write it like a recipe, with a list of ingredients and a ‘method’ showing what you need to do with those ingredients to make your colony one that people want to move to.


Look at the primary sources at the end of the national archives. Each person should pick one each and answer these questions about their source: What do you think it is? Where and when is it from? What do you think it was for? Who do you think it was for? What can we learn about colonial Australia from studying this source?