• You will go through a series of scenarios while learning about Australian History


  • You have been put into small teams – pick a name for your team
  • Each person in the group will have an individual task for each scenario, but you can get your team mates to help you
  • You will need to share your work with your team. Everyone should have read or looked at the work of everyone else
  • Your group cannot advance to the next adventure until all four tasks have been completed


  • Once the scenario is complete, see your teacher who will assess your work and ask you some questions to test your understanding – your teacher will test you all on things in all the tasks, which is why you need to share your responses
  • You will get a score out of five for each scenario
    • This score will be made public, where you can see how the other groups are doing

Writing up tasks

  • Complete all work in your CBL exercise book (unless told otherwise)
  • Always include the date
  • Include the scenario heading and your character name for each activity that you complete
  • Always answer using full sentences (including the question in your answer) unless your task says to use dot points, a table, a map etc.